Digital Publishing Services

Interfinet Technologies Digital Publishing Services offers comprehensive and individualized end-to-end solutions for a wide range of publishing fields through the efforts of our highly trained specialists and cutting-edge technology. We provide the complete project management services for commercial, scholarly, and other types of publications. If you need help getting your book or journal ready for print or digital publication, Interfinet Technologies Publishing Services can handle it from start to finish.

Management of projects

Professional project planners are adept at coordinating and executing all of our clients’ needs. They have extensive knowledge in their fields and the services related to those fields, and they are dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of each and every client. Our project managers have been given the tools and the know-how to handle any emergency that may happen in the course of their work.

They are the go-between between the client & our internal operations team, and that they are adept at mediating conflicts and reaching agreements. The project managers are accommodating in terms of their schedules and preferred methods of contact, which helps to break down any barriers that may arise due to cultural or linguistic difficulties, as well as time zone variances.


Our XML-first methodology guarantees the consistency of the material at every stage. In the rapidly evolving world of digital content, we recognize and appreciate the benefits of an XML-first production workflow, particularly its adaptability, reusability, and automation. Our client’s long-term success depends on their capacity to take a single source file and generate several publication formats & outputs for consumption on diverse devices.

InDesign and LaTeX:

We offer comprehensive page creation services in InDesign and LaTeX for both books and STM publications. We may compose any kind of page, from plain text to pages with intricate mathematical formulae, in any number of columns and colors. Using composition tools like LaTeX, InDesign, and QuarkXPress, Interfinet Technologies Digital Publishing Services reliably delivers high-quality final products.


Interfinet Technologies publishing services specializes in the construction of comprehensive and accurate indexes that suit your demands and are supplied on schedule. Ranging from files to multi-volume publications, we produce well-crafted indexes for books on a wide-range of themes and are particularly excellent at incorporating author style, organization, and the formatting of cross-references. Interfinet Technologies can also help authors find certain pages in their work if they offer a document with a list of index words.

Journal & STM Publishing

Interfinet Technologies publishing services is well versed in the administration of both scholarly and professional periodicals. Our extensive background with POD, Smart PDF, eBooks, digital deliverables, etc., as well as other multi-channel publishing workflows, gives us a leg up on the competition. Our end-to-end technological solutions help publishers to maximize the benefits of their content.

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