Premium records Management Services

Businesses of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries need a records-management method for keeping track of all of their company’s legally, ethically, and commercially important documents. Interfinet technologies records management features to aid businesses in meeting their legal requirements, let them show that they are in accordance with rules, and boost productivity by getting rid of old files that aren’t needed anymore.

We offer a modern and safe option for personal and commercial storage. If you really need to store business products, household items, or even large winter coats, we have a plan that works for you.

Self-Storage Facilities

Self-Storage Units of Varying Sizes that are Locked and Secure. Our units are built to international standards and can withstand a wide range of conditions to ensure the security of your items.

So, which is preferable? To ensure the safety of your valuables, our storage facilities are climate controlled.

API Integration

With Doccept’s comprehensive API documentation, you can easily connect to any external program.

Doccept offers integration with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) & Active Directory to map Authentication process without generating separate accounts.

SCANNER Integration

Scan instantly to Doccept using whatever TWAIN compatible scanner.

EMAIL Archieving

Setup any POP3 or IMAP smtp server account. Pull the emails via the server, & archive it in Doccept.


Doccept gives easy to use tracking tools changes. When a file is edited, a new version should be generated immediately.  

Join Us and Let's Get Things Done


Provide your company with access to timely, relevant data. Create clear audit logs & assure secure storage of data. Protect your private & public servers so you can stay in compliance with security standards and government mandates.


Keep your attention on what makes you money, but don’t add more people or hours to the equation. You may accomplish more in less time with the support of Doccept.


Enhanced productivity thanks to streamlined procedures can have a favorable effect on the quality of service provided to customers.

With event-based retention, longer retention periods begin at various times depending on the occurrence of an event. In order to verify that a record has been deleted, it is important to conduct a review of the disposition process. Use the export feature to send details on anything you’ve thrown away.

To ensure that the appropriate people in your business have use of the records management functions, you should assign them appropriate permissions.

Incorporating your company’s retention schedules and needs into a records management system that handles retention, records declaration, & disposition will allow you to maintain your material throughout its entire lifecycle.

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