Manpower Augmentation Services

Our IT staff augmentation refers to the practice of bringing in freelance or contract IT specialists to fill in, either temporarily or permanently, for your in-house workforce.

It gives you the flexibility to reduce or grow your augmented workforce as needed and hire only the applicants that meet your strict criteria. There are many options for hiring additional workers. Our IT staff augmentation can provide you with temporary or permanent additions to your in-house development team, who are highly skilled in their respective fields.

Technology support staff augmentation is a subset of overall staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a form of outsourcing in which an outside supplier is brought in on a temporary basis to supplement the in-house team’s capabilities. The goal of this tactic is to identify current staff strengths and define future skill sets.

Since the vendor is the one making use of these personnel, they avoid the associated risks and expenditures of hiring new employees. However, while working with a staff augmentation business, remote engineers can focus solely on the project at hand.

The Four Advantages of Hiring us -

You have engineers on staff at the local office working on the product, but you need to hire more programmers to work on a different section of the product.

  • There is a severe lack of qualified people in your area, making it impossible for you to form a team of 3-8 tech experts. You’ve come to the conclusion that local acquisition is not a realistic choice since it will take too long, carries too many risks, and is in high demand.
  • You and a group of other coders are working on a new software product, and you’ve decided to expand your team to include some engineers. Since your intended hires represent an uncommon stack of skill sets in your area, you’re looking to broaden your search internationally.
  • You’re working on a product with a project outsourcing firm, but there are a number of reasons why that model isn’t a good fit.
  • You should have daily one-on-one interactions with your team, & second, you should get to know your remote programmers well so that they feel like an integral part of your local team.

Both of these are essential if you want your remote workforce to feel like they are part of the in-house team and work toward the same goals that you are.

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