Document management system

A document management system (DMS) is a software application that helps businesses streamline their document-related processes, including storage, retrieval, sharing, security, capture, digitization, tagging, approval, and much more.

While cloud storage is an integral part of most DMSs, this is only one facet of what Interfinet technologies offer. You can focus on what you enjoy doing in your business since sophisticated document management systems deal with the mountains of paper that come in.

Our Document management is also the process by which your business stores, controls, and keeps track of its electronic documents. Among the essential elements of document management are:

  • Locking & check-in/check-out are used to coordinate simultaneous document editing so that no one person’s modifications are overwritten by another.
  • Version management allows for the tracking of how the present document was created and how it differs from previous versions.
  • Roll-back, to “activate” a former version in case of an error or premature release
  • An audit trail that enables the reconstruction of what was done to a document over the duration of the system’s life
  • Stamps and annotations

Advantages of our document management system -

The advantages of DMSs, as highlighted by our clients at our Edge User Conferences & via our customer success stories, will now be discussed.
Among the many reasons for the explosive growth in the use of document management solutions are the numerous advantages they provide.


When asked about the benefits of DMS, our clients most often cite their increased independence. Going digital with the help of a document management system provided much of this independence.


Convenience is not limited to consumer-focused technologies; it has also found a solid footing in the realm of micro and small enterprises. By using a mobile app in conjunction with a cloud-based document management service, for instance, users may access documents, collaborate on projects, keep tabs on progress, and deliver sensitive data and documentation from any location with an internet connection. The document management system’s built-in web site also allows users to safely share huge files via mobile devices.

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The news has been dominated by stories of data disasters such as security breaches, disclosures of sensitive information, etc. The majority of these incidents, though, could be traced back to lax internal information management. Information can be protected in the office, at home, or any place else with an internet connection using the facilities provided by an electronic document management software system.

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