Scanning & Digitization Services

We help to Connect files and send emails, saving them in a single, coordinated folder that is arranged by client, task, or legal matter. This framework places all pertinent data in context as well as at your fingertips, allowing you to concentrate on providing value.

  • Give knowledge workers more power
    Without limitations due to technology, you may rapidly and effectively create, collaborate, search, and share knowledge.
  • A single trustworthy source
    A document management system gives the entire organization access to a single, secure resource for documents & correspondence.
  • Work smoothly
    In order to streamline document and email management, iManage is connected with productivity suite technologies including Microsoft 365, Outlook, Word, Teams, Gmail, & Google Workspace.

Our Services for Document Scanning

  • Financial Analysis
    Digitalizing financial documents increases security, effectiveness, compliance, & saves time, money, and space.
  • Screening for corporations and organizations’ human resources
    Interfinet technologies
    can help with the paper-intensive nature of the HR department as well as the tediousness of managing it in a physical format.
  • Legal Records
    All legal records may be easily searched, viewed, managed, and distributed by converting them to digital format.
  • Medical Records
    If the medical and patient records are in digital format, it will be simple to retrieve the information from them.
  • Document for Media & Publishing
    For publishing companies, we are professionals at producing digital archives of journals, newspapers, pictures, film, and much more.
  • System for Managing Documents
    a program for managing, tracking, and storing electronic copies of paper-based records.


The use of artificial intelligence has advanced this game. In order to keep pace with Indian document digitization companies, we have included the most recent technologies into our workflow. The use of AI has significantly decreased turnaround time and resource value for clients, resulting in a more budget-oriented paradigm.


We continuously test and update our algorithms to incorporate a near-idle level of scanning accuracy as we work on the scanning component. We distinguish ourselves from the competition providing document digitization services by updating our OCR algorithms in the background on a regular basis.


The most challenging duty for document digitization companies is tagging and indexing of both physical and digital documents. We closely monitor the procedure to prevent any form of data bleaching of the records of our clients. Instead of concentrating on the quantity of documents digitized, we always aim to preserve the quality of our digitization process.


After the document digitization solution is complete, the data management comes next. We have a strong database that not only keeps your documents digitally but also aids in reducing document redundancy and enables accurate and speedy retrieval of the information stored in the database.

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