Secured Storage Services

Business owners will have to cope with a growing mountain of paperwork, data, and assets. Whether they are certifications or financial documents, they are the things that you hold most comlonly and depend on the most. Because it is often difficult to obtain records whenever you need them, which impacts customer service, Writer Information offers a highly secure network of locations where you may collect and store your physical records, multimedia tapes, electronic data, important records, as well as other valuable assets.

Safe and Sound Document Storage from Interfinet technologies

Over 3000 clients rely on us to reliably provide a wide range of services to assist their businesses, from indexing and packing to storage and retrieval to secure shredding.

Methods for Organizing Paperwork

Our records management solution is fully connected with our own records management systems. We provide record management services, as well as prime storage and premium storage options for your data and information.

Regardless of a company’s size or budget constraints, our Software has a solution for archiving and managing records that will work for them. Since its inception 30 years ago, we have become the de facto standard in record storage and administration for businesses of all sizes and in more than 90 countries.

We ensure the greatest standard of records keeping, the most advanced level of automation, and convenient online reporting.



System for movable, high-density shelving and storage


2.6 Million Square Feet of Storage Capacity, 25 Secure Storage Sites in 12 Different Cities


Security measures include a biometric access control system, closed-circuit television monitoring of the storage area with 90-day battery life, Siporex building materials, and more.


Portable desktop terminal monitoring; file-level inventory; barcode-based; the exclusive team; Index & Oneil software.

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