Secure Destruction Services

Simply pressing the Delete key is insufficient. We destroy data in a way that abides both privacy and ecological laws.

Paper, digital documents, instant messaging, are needed in most offices. This ubiquitous nature of data also makes it difficult to eradicate.

The Process of Identifying and Neutralizing Risk -

It is crucial to understand the dangers that exist in this setting. Interfinet technologies’s depth of understanding in this field, along with our familiarity with the ever-evolving regulatory framework for data disposal (including the shredding of sensitive documents), provides us a competitive edge.

Our first order of business is to learn about your company so that we can make informed suggestions for improving your data deletion procedures.

Collection & Disposal of Information in a Secure Manner -

It’s impractical to ensure the highest level of protection for things you no longer require. We’ll assist in determining what items require secure disposal and supply the tools to do so. We have years of experience in data management, so there is no data we cannot dispose of safely. However, there are some factors that are universal across all data formats.

  • Essential Paperwork
  • Media that hasn’t been used for storage
  • Extra computer parts
  • Handsets and mobile phones
  • Products that are no longer needed or are defective

Helps you to determine how the Process goes

We audit every aspect of our data destruction process, so you can follow the progress of a destroyed item from your desk to the facility and back again, and you’ll get a certificate verifying its destruction upon arrival.


Paper documents, plastic, and electronic material may all be safely destroyed and disposed of thanks to our secure, eco-friendly services.

You can rest assured that your data is being treated with the utmost confidentiality and security while also saving time and money.

A few ways in which your business might benefit from document deletion software that guarantees 100% security:

  • Safeguard private data to avoid damaging your credibility.
  • Costs associated with maintaining data that is no longer needed or used should be reduced.
  • Avoid fines, penalties, and legal action by making sure you’re in line with federal, state, industry, and credit card requirements on data removal.

Special Purge or Shredding Projects

Sometimes regularly planned destruction services don’t make sense. Iron Mountain’s Special Project Destruction solutions can be tailored to your business’s needs, whether you require regular shredding or just a one-time cleanout.

  • Introducing a new records-keeping system or retention plan
  • Resolving a tax audit or legal dispute
  • Changes in building location or consolidation of operations
  • Making more room by organizing storage areas & filing cabinets

The confidentiality, uniformity, and dependability of our regularly scheduled services are applied to any one-off projects requiring destruction as well.

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