Hospital information management system

We provide the best hospital management information system (HMIS) that aids in the administration of clinical, economic, laboratory, inpatient, outpatient, pharmacological, and other hospital operations. Our Hospital Management Information System also allows healthcare professionals to concentrate more on giving patients high-quality care.

A hospitals and other healthcare administration software that gives you the ability to control the fundamental financial, clinical, & operational activities of your organization.

Increase the return on your investment.

You won’t need any additional software licenses for the operating system or the database, which is a web-based & browser-enabled software.

You can use the on-premise software, and either way, you can rest certain of its dependability, security, & ability to scale to meet your requirements thanks to its support for many data centers.

Improve the team's ability to collaborate and their output

Maintain an uninterrupted flow of your primary operations. We make it simple to carry out tasks such as patient registration & invoicing, as well as the filing & reconciliation of insurance claims, clinical recording, and management of OP-IP electronic medical records (EMR).

You also can easily improve the collaboration of your staff by providing integrated access to the data and better controls. This will result in increased employee productivity, which will ultimately lead to improved clinical outcomes.

Regulatory compliance

Receive periodic free maintenance and updates because Insta is available as one product across its customer base. These updates & upgrades can include things like VAT/GST Billing, HMO Capitation management, HAAD/DHA, Waseel/DHS, ICD Coding, and more.

Improve Patient Experience

Send patient appointment reminders & notifications (via email or text message) in the patient’s native language using the Insta patient portal widget, which can be integrated with your business’s website or mobile app. This will enable patients to access their medical records to make doctor’s appointments.

Integration Capabilities

Using Insta’s HL7 and API technologies, you can enable integrations with a wide variety of devices, peripherals, and equipment, as well as other third-party apps or an HIE.

Specifications of the app -

An application of crucial importance that gives you the ability to manage your facility by providing the full suite of the following modules:

Patient Administration:

Primary Care (Doctor, Test, Services, Surgery, Generic Resource), Patients Registration, ADT (Admission, Discharge, & Transfer), Bed Management/Bed View, & Patient Communication are some of the services provided by this system.

Revenue Cycle Management:

Billing for Cash Credit, Packages, Rate/Discount Management, Credit Notes, Deposits, Claim Submissions, Medical Coding, Claim Reconciliation, and Remittance Advice are some of the services that are provided.

Clinical Characteristics:

Pending Prescriptions Dashboard, Outpatient EMR (with configurable form design features to capture SOAP notes, diagnosis, and e-Prescriptions), Outpatient EMR (Notes, MAR, Clinical Documentation), OT-EMR, as well as the EMR Perspective of consolidated electronic health records are some of the features of the consolidated electronic medical records.


Sales, Procurement, Stock Management (Adjustments, Transfers, Indenting).

Reporting -

Reporting as well as other supplemental modules.

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