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Challenges of Digital Marketing

Job of marketers never been so complex in earlier days before Digital Marketing comes into picture. A marketer’s work now is not limited to meeting customers and branding their products rather providing 360 degree solutions on demand using technology as enabler. Now quality plays a significant role instead of quantity.

Thank you Internet & WWW web for your 25-years of anniversary which has provided us a great opportunity to come across plenty of technology during previous two decades. This is the time for creativity & design which will act as a forefront of technology to make it more customers centric as well as user-friendly in terms of digital marketingwhere Mobile/Smart phones are coming up as a preferred device to facilitate the creativity & designs in coming days, which involves more secured backend with faster downloadable apps & data in front end and getting most relevance data during search.

Due to rapidly growing handheld user namely mobile, user behavior & personalization trends is changing fast, so marketing is coming up “marketing as service” concept where digital marketers have to combine the data in both science and arts way like using all trendy techniques of UI (user interface) & AI (artificial intelligence), which interns will provide more scalable & personalized solutions to make client happy by using more audio visual with statistical way.

Digital marketing is functioning as a great enabler to connect different companies without any barrier, though different companies are using different modalities & policy to adopt it as per their convenience. Like Big blue chip company Apple, though a big cloud player still takes rent from other cloud server as per demand to make equilibrium going on. Cross discipline will be the buzz for years to come by using digital workforce across the world. So any startup can do some amazing stuffs using these concept to be successful. This will no doubt provide more freedom to work on their passion instead of stuck in a company.

The most challenging part of coming day digital marketing will be in connecting Skills, scholars & show up (design), faster the agency will connect this dot to make a competitive edge among its competitor. As it will have conglomerate of diversified brain, so no doubt about it to provide much better and wonderful solution to end user.

There will be strategic battleground for the future where above mentioned concept like creativity, marketing as services, digital work force and S3 will play a key role. It is where challenges lies & also competitive advantage lies on faster adoption of new technologies to over come.

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