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Ten Simple Tips to Boost your Conversion ratio for your Online Store !!!

Online sale is no more a cake walk for ecommerce portal due to faster knowledge driven analysis & optimized sales process of competitor. So being a store owner, all you need to have a better conversion ratio of your e-commerce site.

The Global average conversion ratio is 2.3% however some giant like Amazon & Alibaba have a pretty lucrative conversion ratio as high as 10% due to their brand image and customer satisfaction.

Best Quality Product Images!!!

As every customer wants to feel the product with their own eye, so quality product image is very essential for product selling with various additional features like zoom able, 360degree images with a faster download keep your customer happy!!

Product Description Makes the Difference

Few basic attribute of product description like who’s the product for, what will it do and why is that good. These details will convince the customer as their right product. Best approach is always focus on your target customer & highlight the benefit of your product. You should offer both concise version & long version of product description to make customer feel more comfortable.

Customized Product Makes Customer Feel Special.

Every customer likes to customize stuffs which is a very strange essence of consumer behavior, it makes them feel like their own. For that some time customer uses to spend more for this.

Better Filters for Finding more Choices of Desired Products.

To make customer navigation joyful, you have to provide very thin filter to find suitable product easily which is generally not possible on retails due to sales person. To keep attention on your products you can keep the filters is by popularity: more common options like country and variety first, size and closure at the bottom as they don’t matter to most.

Offering Multiple Payment options for Attracting Customers

By limiting payment option, customer feels harder to complete their purchase. Big e-commerce Company like Alibaba is providing various localized mode of payment option like in an Indian Alibaba website there are few Indian based payment facility which an American customer can’t use.

Free Shipping is a Great Conversation Booster

In a customer satisfaction survey free shopping is ranked as the 2nd biggest factor for online purchase. For whatever may be the reason, a free shipping offer that saves a peanut is more appealing to many than a discount that cuts the purchase price by $200 even. For few free shipping is the driver to purchase from online instead of brick & mortar. According to a study, 47% of people indicated, they would abandon a purchase if they got to checkout and found that free shipping was not included.

Reassure Customer of Their Financial Safety

Due to more data theft, hacking and cyber security issue about one third of customers hesitate to use their details of credit & debit card online. You have to educate customer by providing various security tools implementation like VeriSign SSL, PCI compliance data security. Company like has a separate section on its website to educate customers about its privacy and security policies.

Showcase your Customers Reviews, Certifications and Awards for Better Trust.

In order to make your customers feel trustable, you have to perform a trust maker role on your site by putting external validations and recognition to assure customer of its legitimacy. On the footer of the page you may put award & ranking to make your customer feel safe. Blurb from a prominent publisher, a testimonial or an award will make your ecommerce store more of trust-worthiness.

Engage your Customers with Drip Email Campaign!!!

As always it is easier to sell happy existing customers instead of a new prospect but it has been seen more often ecommerce stores always tries to attract more new sign ups to make a proven global reach. You can effectively use Drip campaign to educate your own existing customer as well in various means like up selling, cross selling & improving customer retention rates.

Humanize your Store for Better Trust

Since early ages people always love to buy from other people instead of a faceless corporation. On a digital way you can do it through various ways like your mission, your value, history and current key team on about page. Some large business like Overstock does it by adding the CEO’s Twitter feed on the homepage shows that there are real people with real values behind the business.


Don’t be dishearten. Just go for some easy wins initially and gradually you will find your own way by doing various analysis & testing. To get high conversion rates, top retailers use a number of tactics. These range from mitigating customer risk to creating quality content that helps people choose the right products.

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