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Content is King for All e-Commerce Portal !!

Brands Creating More Content! Gone are those days when e-Commerce sites are treated as simply online galleries or displays for brick & mortar shops. Now this is a means to become a place people go to learn, be inspired and be immersed into a brand’s universe more over a brand creating engine.

According to Smart Insights, content was 2015’s most important commercial trend and its importance will likely continue to take center stage for years to come. Instead of simply trying to get customers through the checkout process, brands are now producing an ever-increasing quantity of original content, which they hope will captivate their public and drive them to visit their platforms, where they can enjoy the breadth of the brand’s content and a deeper brand experience.

Furthermore, business are now more dependent & influenced by brand recognition and to positively influence perception. The product is no longer the key, rather just an element in a broader story about the product. It therefore makes sense to produce visually appealing content (video will be super important here!) to create something that people will want to share, extending your brand’s footprint.

Let’s not neglect content’s technical value for search engine optimization (SEO) and in broader sense of digital marketing. A brand that operates a blog that constantly uses terms related to its industry is more likely to nudge its way to the top of search engine rankings, provided of course that the content is relevant, viewed and shared.

At Interfinet, we have the best SEO practices team to help your content visualize to all your target audience. Lets catch the train before it leaves.

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