Insight of future Ecommerce

To stay ahead on every business it is essential to have vigil eye on trends which has potential to accelerate or disrupt their business. This article will provide an idea about how will technology trend impact your strategies you use to engage your customer in next few years.

Mobile Commerce is Acquiring both B2B &B2C Segments

After conquering B2C ecommerce world mobile-commerce is now growing fast into B2B segment of ecommerce world.

According to Forrester, 52% of B2B buyers are doing product research with their smart phones, and if they’re using their phones to search for products, or looking at catalogues and providing feedback. It assumes there must be a great need of native mobile apps to convince user for making their action fast. As per a US Survey, people who use mobile APPs are having 52% of conversion. So ecommerce agencies need to produce enhanced engagement apps for convincing customer to have better sales.

Online Marketplace is Making a Match for both B2B & B2C

E-marketplace is getting popular by putting manufacturer, wholesales & retailer in same page to make the taste of water of their own product & their strategies to sell or promote it. As growing number of companies are now putting their toe inside Amazon, Flipkart and other similar marketplace to make this as one of their alternate sales channel. There is however a throat cutting competition on these marketplace with their own competitor which is just like “Sleeping with enemy” concept.

Smart Technology Driven Logistic

As always dynamic customer behavior is evolving conversion of sale. Retailers are now planning for more digital sophisticated way to delivery goods to their customer using various robotics ways. Drones, droids, augmented reality goggles, and smart refrigerators are coming up fast in that way to transform ecommerce industry as a preferred destination for purchasing products, as expected these innovative digital backed delivery system will make the ecommerce into next height.

Moving Towards 3D Customer Prospective

There will be more futuristic digital platform technologies & trend coming you like IOT (Internet of things) virtual reality & machine to machine connectivity. Apart from that Social marketing & instant massaging is getting faster & better in coming days. Device like Smart phone, smart TVs, tablets will be joined by both day to day used home appliances, essential medical appliances & other embedded devices to make it as smart home or city. These multiple source of data will enable rich view of customer from 2D prospective to 3D prospective. These data will again provide a predictive behavior of customers to know their future actions & needs. These data will raise in curated shopping of customers in particularly emotion segment like, subscription based health and beauty shopping. Digital assistants like SIRI, Google and Cortana are just beginning which will evolve more responsive digital assistants in future by applying artificial intelligence into ecommerce segments.

Personalized Data Tradeoff Terms

Too much use of social media leads to make personalized data may be into threat, in coming days making personalized data secured will be priority for agencies. Agencies need to respect these valuable data and must make a gradation of privacy depending upon data shouted offer in return. For example health & finance segment has much sensitive data which consumer only wants to share with trusted financial or health expert. In coming days mobile connect will give an exclusive digital ID to customer for their centralized data protection, which involves mobile money transaction, data protection and data sharing with various 3rd party provider.

All the above points will provide in depth idea about future business prospective to agency, better educate their customer and prospect to stay tuned with competition.

Please feel free to share your industry trends or forecast, comment on it.

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