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Best Ten E-commerce Design Trends All Time !!

As e-retailing success story is now growing fast at every word of mouth!
Choice of modern consumers getting much fragile now a days, so online retail having an outdated website will neither help business owner nor create any impression on customer at current scenario.
So every online retails needs to have a great impressive website for enhancing an awesome impression.

1. Card Layout Interface

Card layout interface is now most trendy among all visual layout of ecommerce, promoted earlier by Pinterest. It is one of the best eye appealing designs to organize product. It is much easier for e-tail business to showcase their products aesthetically at glance. Ecommerce website those who are using card design has relatively low bounce rates also improving the stickiness factor of the brand in the process.

2. Images Make Money not Words

As always customer always engages better with a beautiful high quality images instead of a few line paragraph. So an Image speaks louder than a thousand words. Now a days more& more e-retailers are trying to make real time virtual reality to create a live “brick & mortar” by creating 360 degree views of products with different variants. So In order to make your customer impressive you need to have a wow! visual contents in place.

3. Brief Product Animation

This is one of coolest concept is now picking on year 2022 in ecommerce website industry. Using product animation, e-tailers are making wonderful emotion & engagement with product to make the product feel special and a great shopping experience. This trend is quite popular now a days in particular segment where products have a bit attachment with customer in real life like fashion, lifestyle & ornaments.

4. Product Search

As mobile commerce is growing really fast so getting required product to customers in a few touch screen is the main task of e-tails. Due to ever evolving of various UI based tools like AJAX & Java script, e-tailers are trying to provide product search results on the fly. Market place like Amazon, EBay are doing this in a quite sophisticated way as they are having an enormous inventory.

5. Storytelling

As always both for visibility as well as make your site SEO-friendly, presenting storytelling holds the key. With throat cut competition, storytelling can make your brand standout from the crowd. Best content always makes customer feel loyal which yields a long term engagement with particular etails but in ecommerce world it is not easy to achieve as to keep customer tempo on. Etails have to show all in a short again reasonable time to make the product feel complete in front of customer.

6. Social Commerce, Tool of Future Social Media

As all major social media portal have started their system of selling products, so social media is now no more limited to like or comments on your content. As now all major social media like Pinterest, Twitter & FaceBook has started selling through them, so it is now a new marketplace of all etails to sell themselves. So in future this trend will be rise as Social commerce enables a better platform for selling products or services along with various comments & feedback.

7. Online Loyalty Programs Continue to Grow

The online loyalty program hasn’t seen as much growth as other marketing techniques, but as the technology improves, and credit card companies begin to get involved (you may have noticed the Amazon Rewards credit card,) the online loyalty program is sure to improve.

8. Chemistry of Product Page with Customers

Making a right kind of e-commerce portal is now getting more expensive due to its various value added services to be provided, even after perfect looking pages sometimes it fails to convert into sales. So here there may be chances of making product page a bit customer centric for better engagement. In order to boost conversions even a tweaking in design by putting right kind of products during navigation may provide customers better buying opportunity through website.

9. E-mail Promotion

Email promotion is still one of the major area of creating brand value as well as conversions. So lots of etailers are still doing this by capturing email address through popup. It makes customer aware of various promotion offers, make customer aware about new arrival & also discount or any brand loyal program.

10. Analytical Behavior

Advanced real time analytics and business intelligence tools are now making an important contribution towards achieving target & making milestone in driving business henceforth. To be ahead of customers these are the weapons which will enable the top managers to take faster action on spot by making customers happy.

In Conclusion

The most en-cashed trend of globe is no doubt ecommerce, so to be a part of this party these trends may be helpful either to save cash or generate more revenue. Feel free to comment us.

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